Hopwater Gin & Tonic Recipe

2 oz Gin (Gordon’s is nice. Hendrick’s is better.)
4 oz Hopwater Original
1 T. fresh lime juice
1 wedge of fresh lime

Fill a highball glass about ⅔ full of ice. Pour the lime juice over the ice and feel satisfied that your introduction of the lime juice first sets you apart from some rookie who has no idea what this is all about. Unceremoniously dump in the gin. You don’t want to be too precious about this.

Crack open the bottle of Hopwater Original, and take a whiff of the beautiful floral hop aroma. Go on, have a sip. You’re not going to use the whole bottle.

Pour in 4 oz of Hopwater (roughly down to the top of the label, depending on how much you’ve already consumed). Stir briskly, garnish with the lime, and knock that baby back. Crisp, clean, the juniper and the hop taste like you’re flossing with boughs from a hoppy Christmas tree. This is a Hopwater Gin and Tonic. This is living, ain’t it pal?