Hopwater F.A.Q.
Frequently Asked Questions (aka: “Effayqueue”)

You have questions! So many questions! We have answers! They may or may not line up, but here’s our best shot at answering your indefatigable queries. (Not that we mind…)

What is Hopwater and How Should I Use It?

What is Hopwater?

As has been previously discussed, Hopwater is a non-alcoholic, carbonated soda, with the flavor and pleasing bitterness of hops. For more on what exactly Hopwater is, visit our home page (how did you get here anyway?) at DrinkHopwater.net.

How should I use/consume it?

Honestly, however you want! It’s great alone, outstanding as a mixer, and we hear it makes a great gargle and mouthwash. For more suggestions, visit our Hopwater Flavors page, or the Cocktail Recipes page.

Where did you come up with the idea?

Our good friend Tony Moore came up with the idea after working with hopped flavors in a number of different capacities. There’s some secret sauce to how we do it though… Check out the Hopwater Flavors page for a video on “The Science Behind Hopwater

Is it a tonic water?

Kind of. Except it doesn’t have Quinine.

Is it a soda?


Is it a sparkling water?

Yeah, why not.

Will it clean my bike chain?

We have no idea, but we’re guessing no, beyond just washing off surface dirt. It’s not corrosive, for Pete’s sake.

Will it cure my bursitis?

Again, no idea. We’re not suggesting you try it for such purposes, but if you’re using Hopwater in a way we’ve not mentioned…please let us know.

What sizes does Hopwater come in?

You mean besides small, medium, and large? Hopwater comes in 4-packs of 12 ounce glass bottles. Depending on where you find it for sale you may see it sold as individual bottles, or even sample four-packs of all four flavors. If you own a restaurant, and would be interested in serving Hopwater as a fountain drink, or as a well mixer, please get in touch with us, we’d love to talk with you.

Hopwater Formulation & Ingredients

What’s in Hopwater?

Carbonated water, natural hop tincture, cane sugar, natural flavors, and citric acid. That’s it. For more on the ingredients, visit the Hopwater Flavors page.

How did you make Hopwater?

I kinda thought we covered this already, but the Hopwater Flavors page has a video of Tony talking about how it’s made.

Is it brewed?


Does it contain alcohol?

No. Are you even paying attention?

Is Hopwater just for adults?

No. Although adults may have more of a developed palate for hops, we know kids who absolutely love it too. And with only 48 calories and 12 grams of sugar per serving…Hopwater is a great low-calorie choice for families who are trying to cut back on their sugar consumption.

Hopwater Organization

Who started Hopwater?

Hopwater was created by six friends in Cincinnati, Ohio, over a series of Indian lunches at a small restaurant in Springdale.

Who owns Hopwater?

Hopwater is owned by 48th Parallel Incorporated, the parent company founded by the above group of friends. Why a parent company? Because we have other great ideas that are also in the works. Visit 48thParallel.com and follow @48thParallel on Twitter for future updates.

Where is Hopwater located?

Hopwater is proudly located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our offices are on Ridge Road, our lab and warehouse are in Blue Ash.

How can I sell Hopwater?

If you’re interested in becoming a Hopwater distributor or retailer, or if you’re just interested in stocking Hopwater at your store, school, place of business, quonset hut, backyard barbecue, rolling hot dog stand, or other place of business, visit our Contact page and get in touch with us!

Where can I buy Hopwater?

Like an orange left under a teenager’s bed for too long, Hopwater is ever growing and expanding. For the latest on where to find Hopwater in exchange for currency, check the Buy Hopwater page, and click on the Store Locator.

Can I invest in Hopwater?

Sure! If you’re really interested in partnering with us to get Hopwater to the masses, visit the Contact page and click on the Investors link.