Either you go for running, cycling or gym you need to keep the water bottle with you to avoid dehydration.

That’s because your daily limit of drinking water is six to eight glasses daily, so in order to achieve this, you need to bring the best water bottle with you.

That said, you need to get the best budget bottle of water to drink clean water, but getting one which is best as well as affordable can be a challenging task. The market is saturated with a number of water bottle brands offering several models with different prices and colors. You might get confused to pick the perfect one for you.

We have done that hard work for you to help you pick the best water bottle 2018 in your range. In this list of top ten water bottles, we have picked top-selling bottles in order to help you make an informed decision.

Featured Water Bottle Reviews 2019

Not satisfied with the chart information? Read these water bottle reviews to pick the best bottle for water. Organiging a hot tub party? It is always good decision to have a inflatable hot tub for grooming.

1) Chilly’s Pastel Edition

Chilly’s water bottles can keep the hot water warm for about 12 hours as well as keeps the cold water chilled for longer times. The mouthpiece is designed so nicely that it easily allows drinking water from the bottle either you are sitting or running down your chin as you take a swig.

Available in a number of pastel colours, allowing you to pick your favourite one. Though the cylinder box packaging is stylish this bottle won’t be a leak. One thing needs to remember is that it’s not dishwasher safe.

2) Klean Kanteen Classic – Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Klean Kanteen offers a wide range of reusable water bottles and all of these are BPA-free. Kanteen Classis offers an easy-access mouthpiece which allows drinking water easy for the athletes or runners.

Similarly, this little bottle can keep the drink cool, lightweight enough that you can grab it easily in your hand or attach with your backpack by the loop attached on the lid. Hikers tend to get this bottle with them while going on hiking as it’s best for backpacking and available in several colours allowing you to pick your ideal one.

3) Eva Solo Drinking Bottle

Eva Solo water bottle comes in a slim size which makes it perfect to reside in handbags and small rucksacks. Eva Solo is the most popular and oldest brand for making kitchen products including water bottles. This water bottle by Eva Solo is tough and features a thick plastic body and a brushed chrome top.

This manufacturing allows this bottle to bear rough and tumble of impacts or at gym. So you can bring cold water with you for longer distances without worrying about getting the water warm. An extra feature of this water bottle is that it’s dishwasher safe but the lid does not so do remember this.

4) Bkr Tutu Water Bottle – Best Glass Bottle

If you are looking for the best water bottle for office then Bkr Tut is the recommended one for you. Bkr tut comes in wide range of colors and styles but the top-selling is this pale pink design. It features a silicon casing which can stand on the surface easily and makes drinking or be carrying easy on the trip. This water bottle is the nice option for those looking for a unique and stylish thing to drink water from.

5) Infruition Sport Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Those looking further than the taste of water need to get this water bottle. The central section of Fruit Infuser can be pulled out simply by unscrewing the lid to fill it up with the fruit, herbs or veg you like. If you try strawberries it can capture the large amount of them and the filter inside won’t let the bits seeping pass through. The top section comes with a lid to avoid leakage, thus bottle can capture maximum water inside. Similarly, the bottle is dishwasher proof, but cap and central section are not so you have to wash them with hands.

6)Travel Kuppe insulated Stainless Water Bottle

As the name suggest this bottle is made on excellent quality. The stainless steel tough ensures it durability and reliability. The thing I like most is the texture (I would say dotted texture) that keeps the bottle from slipping out of my hand. There isn’t much information available on the internet about cleaning—so for the sake of safety always do hand washing because of external coating and O-Rings on the cap. As manufacture advertised it has 20 ounce weight and can keep water ice cold up to 48 hours. It comprises a push button design—push down to open and pop up to close, this one-handed operation is extremely helpful while driving.

7) Nalgene Tritan Grip-n-Gulp

Instead of giving a normal cup to my older toddler I have decided to transition over these water bottles. Because giving her a “big person” cup means to give her lunch a bath in it. I am big Fn of it as she uses them regularly. It can hold a large amount of water and doesn’t seem to leak. The entire bottle comes in three pieces such as cup, valve and the lid. Cleaning is quite easy as all the parts are dishwasher safe. The design is pretty much solid and there no hidden spaces where water can store create a possibility if mould growth. No doubt it is one of the safest bottles.

8) Liquid Savvy 32 oz Insulated Water Bottle with 3 Lids

Firstly, I would like to say about this bottle is it is well insulated and keeps water ice-cold for the whole day.  It’s terrible to take a sip of warm water from a regular plastic bottle. With liquid savvy water bottle, it is not going to be an issue anymore.  Secondly, due to insulation, it is not going to sweaty. The AWESOME this is that it accompanies three different types of interchangeable lids. One that I like most is the sip-top lid because it saves me from unscrewing every time I want to drink.