It is amazing how fast things have changed in bathroom and kitchen faucets. Just a few years ago we were content with old style faucets pouring out a stream of water. There were a wide variety of faucet styles, but the water formed a single round gush from the faucet. In recent years, waterfall faucets have begun replacing traditional faucets in nicer homes and hotels, but now the price has dropped far enough they are becoming a favorite for every home.

How can you choose the best waterfall faucet for your sink or shower? Let us explore some of the things you should watch for and consider as you plan this fun upgrade to your home.

Choosing The Right Material For Your Waterfall Faucet

Waterfall faucets are available in a wide variety of materials. The basic hardware underlying the faucets are all similar, but the real difference is found in the waterfall guide, or plate. You can choose from several different materials for the guides including:

• Glass
• Metal
• Ceramic
• Stone

Glass Waterfall Faucet

Glass has been the most popular material used in the faucets. It provides a translucent surface that does not detract from the beauty of the water flowing over its surface. Glass faucets are available in clear, smoked glass, and a wide range of colors.

Metal Waterfall Faucets

Metals are another popular material choice. You can choose from nickel-plated, chrome, and brass. You can even find a few waterfall faucets made from cast iron that mimic old-style hand water pump chutes.

Ceramic Waterfall Faucet

Ceramic surfaces are less popular, but are easy to find. You can find ceramic surfaces that resemble pitchers, plates, and antique fixtures.

Stone Waterfall Faucets

Using stone for waterfall faucets are very popular in homes with stone walled tub areas and showers. The plumber and the mason usually build these as a collaborative effort. You can find some kits for installing your own stone waterfall faucets, but these are less common.

Which of these materials is the best for you to use?

In most cases, you should select either the glass or the metal waterfall faucet options. They provide you with a wider selection of styles, levels of quality, and reasonable prices. Choosing the stone or ceramic option will increase your cost. Stone faucets usually require the assistance of a mason to install properly.

Choosing The Best Shape For Your Waterfall Faucet

The next area we need to discuss is shape. Waterfall faucets are available in a wide variety of shapes. A few of the common styles include:

• Flat Plate Waterfalls
• Circular Waterfalls
• Curved Plate
• Wide Spigot

How do you choose the best shape for your home? Let us discuss these four styles briefly, then we will give you the simple answer to that question.

Flat Plate Waterfall Faucets

The flat plate waterfall faucets are exactly what they sound like. They provide a flat glass, metal, stone, or ceramic plate for the water to flow into your sink, or cascade into your shower from. They provide a waterfall that looks like a natural waterfall in nature. Flat plate designs provide the widest waterfall surface of the four styles and are an excellent choice for showers.

Circular Waterfall Faucets

This faucets work almost identically to the flat plate, except the water comes out from the center of the circular glass or metal plate. The circular faucets are angled so the water flows into your sink or shower. The plates can vary in diameter, but the water flows towards the center of the round plate providing a narrower waterfall than the flat plate variety.

Curved Plate Waterfall Faucets

These type of faucets are a derivative of the flat plate design. The difference is the metal plate is curved to provide a narrower waterfall. This can be ideal when you want the water to focus to a smaller area but still want the wider appearance of a larger waterfall plate.

Wide Spigot Waterfall Faucets

It is a blend between traditional faucets and waterfall faucets. They provide a wider water output that provides waterfall type stream. These come on several varieties including:

• Open Top
• Closed Top
• Partially Open Top

An open top waterfall spigot provides a water stream similar to the flat plate design, but much narrower. The closed top style does not allow you to see the water as it flows through the spigot. You only see the waterfall as it exits the spigot in a stream two to four inches wide. The partially open type combines the other two styles. It starts as a closed top, but then is cut open a few inches before the water exits the spigot to allow more water visibility.

Which style of waterfall faucet should you choose?

The answer is very simple. Choose the one that provide the look and feel you like. All of the styles work exceptionally well. It is important to buy your waterfall faucet from a reputable company to assure you can get replacement parts and it is durable, but do otherwise style is completely a personal choice. Top manufacturers put high quality components in all of these diverse styles.

The one bit of advice we will give on styles is this. You will enjoy a narrower stream of water for your sinks in the kitchen and bathroom. Curved plated and wide spigot options provide focused water flow that is great for rinsing dishes and toothbrushes. For you shower, you will enjoy a wider waterfall. A flat plate waterfall is usually the best choice for you shower.

Focus On The Hardware Inside To Make The Best Choice

We have ignored one of the most important elements in choosing the best waterfall faucet, the components inside. Your waterfall faucet is a specialty item. This is one time you should not consider buying a budget brand. Buying from top brand names will cost a little bit more initially, but you will save money over the lifetime of the faucet. Evaluate warranties closely when choosing your faucet. If you plan to have a plumber install your faucet, ask for his advice. Make sure you check reviews from other buyers before making your final choice.

Waterfall faucets are just as reliable as traditional faucets, but you will not run to your local hardware store for parts. By choosing a high quality faucet, you will get the style you want and enjoy if for years without problems.

How can you choose the best waterfall faucet? Choose one that makes you smile, provides quality, and comes from a reputable manufacturer. The style choice is really up to you.