As technology has advanced rapidly, many things have changed along with it. The way we design our homes have changed too, thanks to all the fancy furniture, wall paper and paint. However, many people tend to neglect their bathroom while designing the other parts of their home tastefully. Just a few years back, we would never give a second thought to bathroom fixtures as it was never on the agenda. But with the different types of waterfall faucets available nowadays, many people have started using them at their homes.

Waterfall faucets, mainly because of the elegance were used in hotels and classy restaurants earlier. They were very expensive when they were first released too. However, the prices have dropped down and many people are beginning to purchase them to use them at their homes too.

Select the brand

Before you choose a waterfall faucet, select the brand that you prefer. If you have used any fixtures of any specific brand and are comfortable with it, you can just go along with that. Certain brands provide more features compared to other brands. In addition to that, you must choose a brand that has gained a solid reputation. Some brands have been in the business of designing bathroom fixtures from a long time and you can purchase a good waterfall faucet from such brands. Example of such brands are listed below:

  • Moen
  • Kohler
  • Vigo
  • Kraus
  • Delta

Choose the perfect material for your faucet

As you may know, these waterfall faucets are available in different types of materials. Though most of them are designed in a similar way, you can read the instructions or the guide provided by the manufacturer to know more about the product. Waterfall faucets are designed using glass, metal, stone and ceramic.


It would be a great idea for you to go with glass faucets are they are created in stunning styles. They are also available in numerous colors and the sparkle they provide is unbelievable. More than anything, it is translucent and you can view water flowing over its surface beautifully. These faucets are also available in smoked and clear glass. While clear glass looks stylish, smoked glass appears very elegant.


Though glass is very popular when it comes to waterfall faucets, you can’t forget faucets made of metal too. They are quickly gaining popularity because of the sleek finish and shine. Among metal faucets, you can choose from chrome, brass and nickel-plated faucets. If you want to do something different and mimic olden days, you can buy waterfall faucets that are also made out of cast iron!


Though these waterfall faucets are not as popular as the glass and metal faucets, they are very easy for you to find, as they are available in almost all the brands. To add a twist, you can choose ceramic faucets that are similar to pitchers, antique fixtures and plates.


If your other bathroom fixtures are made of stone, you can certainly choose waterfall faucets made of stone for showers and sinks. You might need the assistance of a mason and plumber to get this built. One can also find some kits to install waterfall faucets, but they are not found very easily.

While you choose waterfall faucets, it is important that you choose the material carefully. A lot of factors including the budget and style need to be considered here. If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can go for faucets made out of stone. Stone faucets require a lot of time and they also need the assistance and expertise of masons and plumbers. This could be a hassle if you don’t have the patience to get it all done. In addition, ceramic and stone faucets actually increase the cost along the issues they come with. Therefore, since many of us don’t have time, choosing faucets made using glass and metal are simply the best.

Choose the shape

As these waterfall faucets are available in different shapes, you will have to peruse something that fits your requirements perfectly. Some of the common styles included are Flat plates, curved, circular and wide spigot faucets. It is very important for you to choose the shape of the faucet as it should go along with the other fixtures in your bathroom.

Once you have decided about the budget, brand, shape and material required for your waterfall faucets, purchasing them becomes very easy. Take advantage of the information available on the internet to learn more about these faucets before your purchase them. This gives you a fair idea of what you really want.